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Frequently Asked Questions : MetroConnect

Each customer receives a MetroConnect® account upon activation. Funds added to the MetroConnect® account may be used to purchase additional MetroPCS mobile phone services such as @metro, MetroMUSIC and TravelTalk.

You will no longer be able to put funds into your MetroConnect® account after February 23, 2015.

You can check your MetroConnect account balance in MyMetro by dialing *99 from your MetroPCS phone, visiting a MetroPCS store, or calling Customer Care (888-8metro8).

You have until March 22, 2015 to use the funds in your MetroConnect® account before the funds are automatically applied to your service account.

Unused MetroConnect® funds will be automatically applied to your service account.

Yes, MetroConnect® purchases saved to the device will continue to be accessible through the purchasing device. However, should you lose or upgrade your device; your previously purchased services will not transfer to the new device.