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Frequently Asked Questions: Number Portability

What is Wireless Number Portability?

Wireless Number Portability (WNP) allows you to take your phone number with you when you switch to MetroPCS. MetroPCS offers WNP in all markets.

Can I dial emergency numbers, such as 911, during the WNP process?

MetroPCS does everything possible to make sure 911 calls are minimally impacted by WNP. However, the public safety dispatch may not receive your accurate telephone number from your phone and therefore may not be able to ascertain your location or return your call in the event that your call is disconnected. Because of this, when you make a 911 call during the WNP process, immediately inform the emergency operator of your exact location. You will be able to make 911 calls on your old phone prior to the number being transferred.

Should I deactivate my old service before bringing my old number to transfer?

No. The porting process requires the phone number to be an active phone number. Once the number has been approved for transfer, your old number and account will be deactivated.

Can I port a number for my friend, family member, or coworker?

You can visit a MetroPCS store, Authorized Dealer or National Retailer to provide your identification and transfer your number from your previous wireless carrier. You can also call *228 from your MetroPCS phone and the voice prompts will walk you through the transfer process.

What are the WNP/Regulatory Programs Fee charged by MetroPCS?

The purpose of the charge is to defray MetroPCS's costs associated with payment of fees and compliance with various initiatives imposed by the government. Please note that costs may be incurred and charged prior to initiation of any of the respective services.

How much does it cost?

MetroPCS does not charge a fee for processing the transfer of your number to MetroPCS. However, for Tax-Inclusive Plans, MetroPCS recovers some of its costs associated with Wireless Number Portability as part of the monthly, tax-inclusive rate. For Tax-Exclusive Plans, MetroPCS recovers some of its costs associated with Wireless Number Portability as part of the monthly charge.

How do I qualify for WNP?

If the area code of your current phone number is in the MetroPCS coverage area, you will be able to transfer your number to MetroPCS.

How long does it take to transfer my number?

Our goal is to transfer your phone number to MetroPCS within a few minutes. However, if there are any delays from your current wireless carrier, the transfer process could take longer. In addition, landline transfers typically take longer to process from your existing landline carrier.

Text messaging normally works as soon as your phone number is transferred to MetroPCS but, in some cases, text messaging may not work for 72 hours after we have completed your port to MetroPCS.

MetroPCS is committed to making the transfer of your number as seamless and timely as possible.

What are the Components of the WNP / Regulatory Programs Fee?

This charge is composed of the following elements:

  • Wireless Number Portability and Number Pooling
    This component is designed to recover the costs associated with the federal mandates of wireless number portability and number pooling:

       Wireless Number Portability (WNP)
       This enables customers to keep their wireless telephone numbers when they switch wireless service providers.

       Number Pooling 
       This is a telephone number conservation method that helps to delay running out of numbers in area codes.

  • Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)
    This component is designed to recover the contributions that MetroPCS is required to make into the Federal TRS fund, as well as certain state TRS funds. These TRS funds are designed to assist hearing and speech impaired persons with making and receiving messages.

  • Federal Regulatory Fee
    This component is designed to recover the annual fee imposed on MetroPCS by the Federal Communications Commission. This fee is assessed by the Federal Communications Commission on each of the companies that it regulates.

  • Enhanced 911 (E911)
    This component is designed to recover the costs in certain states where E911 cost recovery for wireless carriers does not exist or exists in manner that only provides partial cost recovery. These E911 costs relate to government mandates requiring wireless carriers to deploy advanced technology to help emergency response agencies to better determine the location of the customer calling 911.

  • Other MetroPCS Surcharges
    This component allows us to recover our costs with regard to specific government taxes or fees imposed on MetroPCS's gross receipts and/or sales. The Other MetroPCS Surcharges are remitted by the MetroPCS to the government but are not mandated charges to the customer.

How do I transfer my number to MetroPCS?

Porting your number to MetroPCS is easy! Visit your local MetroPCS store, Authorized Dealer, National Retailer or call *228 from your MetroPCS phone and we will start your new account that day. Required information for porting from your old provider includes your current account number and PIN.