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Frequently Asked Questions: Pay In Advance

Are there separate Rate Plans for non-4GLTE phones and 4GLTE phones?

No. There are just three standard rate plans – $40, $50 and $60. All MetroPCS phones now fit into this simplified rate plan structure. For 4GLTE customers, the only difference among the three plans is the amount of 4GLTE data included in the plans.

So why is MetroPCS overhauling its rate plan structure?

There are three reasons:

  • We want to make it easy for customers to choose MetroPCS with confidence for value, coverage and the latest 4GLTE technology.
  • With just three rate plans, MetroPCS underscores its leadership position by assuring customers with a simple and easy buying experience.
  • Having only three rate plans makes it easier for us to focus on what’s important to you – matching the right phone, the right rate plan and the right features that will enhance the customer’s full MetroPCS experience.
  • Are 4GLTE phones eligible for the new $40 rate plan?

    Yes – 4GLTE customers can choose the $40 rate plan. $40 plan customers will receive up to 500 megabytes of 4GLTE data.

    I am an existing MetroPCS customer. Can I purchase the $5 Value Bundle?

    Yes – but you must convert to one of the three new standard rate plans.

    I’m a former MetroPCS customer, can I reactivate my old phone on one of the new rate plans?

    Yes, but you must choose from one the three new standard rate plans.

    If I purchase a non-4GLTE smartphone which rate plan can I choose?

    The $40 and $50 rate plans are available for non-4GLTE smartphones. However, a Blackberry customer can only choose the $60 rate plan.

    I’m on the $70 Unlimited 4GLTE rate plan. Can I change my plan to the new $60 Unlimited 4GLTE rate plan?

    Yes. Existing customers are eligible for the new rate plans.

    Does MetroPCS still have a Family Plan for two or more customers?

    Yes. No change. Up to five members on a MetroPCS Family Plan account receive a $5 per rate plan discount.

    Can I join an existing Family Plan Account where the members are on old rate plans after purchasing one of the three new rate plans?

    Yes – customers with a new rate plan can join a Family Account with old rate plans. They’ll still get the $5 per rate plan discount.

    Can I get a Mexico or MetroGlobal International Long Distance on the new $40 rate plan?

    No. The two International Long Distance products are only available on the $50 and $60 rate plans.

    Can you explain the two 4GLTE services – 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot and Data Top Up?

    The 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot is only available to 4GLTE customers on the new $40 or $50 rate plans. The 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot service does not include additional data – it is a metered service and costs $10 per month. MetroPCS is also offering customers on the $40 and $50 rate plans a 500-megabyte Data Top-Up for $5 per month.

    Do you get International Text Messaging included with the Mexico and MetroGlobal International Long Distance add-ons?

    Yes – International Text Messaging is included with the Mexico and MetroGlobal International Long Distance add-ons.

    Is data usage metered on Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi data usage is NEVER metered.

    Is my data usage metered if I am out of MetroPCS 4G LTE coverage?

    No. Data is only metered when you are in MetroPCS 4G LTE coverage.

    If I choose to upgrade to a new smartphone, will there be a difference in rate plan pricing or additional fees?

    Existing customers who wish to upgrade to a new smartphone will be assessed an upgrade fee to be paid along with the phone price at purchase.

    Does the time to upload and download files vary even when I am on a 4G LTE network?

    Yes. The time it takes to upload or download files varies – even on a 4G LTE network. That’s because conditions vary based on your location, the phone’s processing power, memory, number of other users of the network, server speed, etc.

    If I make my payment early, will my data meter and monthly data allocation reset early?

    No, neither will reset until the next payment cycle begins.

    What does a "soft cap" mean?

    You will enjoy 4G LTE data speeds until your data usage reaches the soft data cap for your 4G LTE rate plan. Once you reach the soft data cap, you can continue to access the web, download and stream music, send photos and check your social media apps, but at reduced speeds.

    I am currently a MetroPCS 4G LTE customer. How will the service plan changes affect my existing service?

    The new 4G LTE Rate Plans will not affect your MetroPCS service as long as you maintain your current service plan. Should you choose to switch plans, you’ll be able to choose from one of the four new 4G LTE service plans.

    Can I get more data at 4G LTE speeds?

    You can always upgrade your plan to receive more data at 4G LTE speeds. The new allowance of data at 4G LTE speeds will immediately be available for use in the current bill cycle.

    When does my monthly data allocation reset?

    The data allocation resets at the beginning of your payment cycle.

    Does sending a picture to my friends phones count against my data allocation?

    Yes, sending pictures (MMS) will count against the data allocation and total data usage will be displayed on the data meter.

    Can I purchase additional Services for my MetroPCS 4G LTE rate plan?

    Yes! Information about all Services available for purchase for your 4G LTE rate plan is available in our Services section of the web site.

    What happens if I upgrade to a new 4G LTE phone while on a metered data plan?

    The new phone will continue on the same data allocation. The monthly data allocation will not reset when you upgrade your phone.

    Can new and existing 4G LTE customers participate in a MetroPCS Family Plan?

    Yes. New and existing 4G LTE customers can participate in a MetroPCS Family Plan and will receive the $5 Family Plan discount.

    Can I really talk all I want all over town?

    Yes! Other wireless plans require you to predict your usage patterns that won't result in too many leftover minutes or, worse, pay high overages for minutes that exceed your plan. With MetroPCS Unlimited Plans, your plan accommodates your usage needs.

    Are plans really unlimited?

    Yes. All MetroPCS plans feature unlimited talk, text and web - no overage charges, no data caps, no hidden fees.

    Can I change my cell phone plan online?

    Yes. You can change your plan online using MyAccount.

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