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Frequently Asked Questions: Features

Information about software update.

1. I received a message about an important update, what does it mean?

MetroPCS has a new software version for your phone. The software update is required in order for your phone to operate at its optimum performance and take advantage of network enhancements such as improved data speeds and broader coverage.

2. If I do not update will my phone still work?

Depending on the model, it might not operate at its peak performance or at all. However, the software update will actually enhance your phone’s current performance with improved data speeds and broader coverage.

3. Will I be charged for the update?

No, the software update is free of charge.

4. I do not want to go to the store. Are there any other options?

No, unfortunately this update requires you to go to a MetroPCS Corporate owned store. You can find the nearest MetroPCS corporate owned store here. Click the drop down filter and select “Corporate Stores”. We appreciate your cooperation so that we can deliver you the best experience possible.

5. Is there a deadline?

We recommend as soon as possible. Select customers with the LG Connect will need to go to a store by July 14, 2013. Other select phones no later than July 31, 2013.

6. Why did this happen?

This is a result of MetroPCS’ continued effort to bring our customers the best service possible. This upgdate will enable us to provide you with improved data speeds and broader coverage.

7. Will I lose my contacts, texts or pictures?

No, not if you visit the closest MetroPCS Corporate store. You can find the nearest MetroPCS corporate owned store here.

What are Short Codes and Alerts?

Short Codes and Text Alerts is a rate plan feature that will help you enjoy a richer experience from your MetroPCS phone and receive faster, more convenient connections to your favorite information spaces such as Facebook, Google™ and Twitter. Participate in popular programs and sign up for selected content including news, sports, stocks, weather, personals, horoscopes, events and more!

What features can I add on with MetroPCS?

MetroPCS lets you choose from plenty of options, from social networking to navigation! Plus, using your MetroConnect® account, you have access to cool downloads like games and ringtones sent directly to your phone.

If I am using MetroWEB and a call comes in, what will happen?

If you are viewing a page you have recently loaded on MetroWEB, you can choose to answer the call as you normally would. While you are on the call your MetroWEB session will be temporarily suspended. Once you end the call you will be able to resume your MetroWEB session.

How do I use MetroWEB?

All of our cell phone plans include unlimited MetroWEB.. From the main menu, simply select MetroWEB to launch the browser.

How can I visit a particular website?

Once you have accessed MetroWEB simply type in the address for the website you would like to visit in the address bar at the top of the browser or select "Menu" and then select "Go to URL." From the "Go to URL" screen, type in the address for the website you would like to visit and then press "Go."

How often can I use MetroWEB?

Access to MetroWEB is unlimited, you can browse MetroWEB as much as you like.

When I exit MetroWEB and then get back in, I see the last site I visited. Why is that?

Some phones do not automatically clear your web browsing history. You can clear the history manually by selecting "Menu" and then "Clear history" or "Clear cache," depending on your phone model.

From MetroWEB, will I be able to visit any website I want?

You can visit most websites. However, not all websites are designed for mobile phones so some sites may not display properly.

How do I get back to the MetroWEB home page?

From the browser menu, simply press the "Home" key and you will be directed to the MetroWEB home page. If you changed your default home page to another site, then you can locate the MetroWEB home page in the browser bookmarks or favorites.

What is WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts)?

WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) is a means to notify the public about emergency information as quickly as possible. MetroPCS is working with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to distribute such information via text-like message.

What prompted WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts)?

WEA is a result of the 2006 WARN Act which aims for all Americans to have the capability to receive timely and accurate alerts, warnings and critical information regarding disasters and other emergencies via their WEA-compliant wireless devices.

Which MetroPCS phones can receive WEA alerts?

All MetroPCS cell phones released starting June 2012 forward and are WEA-compliant will receive the alerts.

What runs WEA and what agencies will send alerts?

FEMA will receive, validate and then distribute alerts covering critical issues only:

  • Presidential Alerts – national emergencies, such as terrorist attacks, that will preempt any other pending alerts.
  • Imminent Threat Alerts – hurricanes or tornadoes where life or property is at risk.
  • Child Abduction Emergency/AMBER Alerts – missing or endangered children due to an abduction or runaway situation.
  • How do WEA alerts work? What will I receive?

    WEA uses a unique signal and vibration and the information will appear on your phone’s screen. The information will be in English and no more than 90 characters. If the WEA-supported phone is off when the initial alert is sent, you will receive it usually within 5 minutes of turning your phone back on if you are still within the alerting area and alert has not been cancelled.

    I just got an emergency alert. Can you tell me more about it?

    Sorry, we do not have additional information. MetroPCS supports delivery of the emergency alert from the local/national public safety agency dispatching the message to all WEA-capable devices. Please direct all questions to: FCC’s Consumer & Government Affairs Bureau 1-888-CALL-FCC 1-888-TELL-FCC (TTY) 1-866-418-0232 (fax) Federal Communications Commission Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division 445 12th Street, SW Washington, DC 20554

    Do I have to pay for these alerts?

    No, the alerts are free.

    I opted out of WEA alerts and I am still receiving them. What can I do?

    This could be a technical issue with your phone. Please visit your local MetroPCS store or Authorized Dealer for assistance. Please note that you cannot opt out of Presidential alerts.

    I am not receiving WEA alerts, why?

    You are not receiving alerts for one of these reasons:

  • You are not in a targeted area to receive messages
  • WEA alerts are turned off
  • Your phone does not support WEA alerts
  • Your phone is not locked on to the cell site which is receiving alerts.
  • Your phone missed the alert due to handoff from a cell site which was not receiving alerts. However, alerts get repeated periodically and your phone will get one usually within 5 minutes if it has not previously received the same alert before and the alert has not expired.
  • Do I have to receive these alerts?

    All alerts will default to “On.” You can turn off all alerts except Presidential alerts, which will be infrequent.

    How do I turn off WEA alerts?

    All phones will be defaulted to receive these messages. You can opt out of alerts, except Presidential alerts, by navigating to the message settings menu on your phone and un-checking the box for the alerts you no longer want to receive. The menu for the messages varies by phone. Please note that you cannot turn off Presidential alerts.

    Will I receive WEA alerts about areas I’m not in?

    No, alerts will be sent to users located within the effected geographic area only. The PLAN program is location- dependent, not coverage-dependent. WEA is not designed to and does not track your location.

  • For example, an alert goes out about the Atlanta area.
  • If you live in Atlanta but are out of town when the alert goes out, you would not receive the text.
  • If you are visiting Atlanta when the alert goes out, you would receive the text.
  • I have questions about WEA. With whom can I speak?

    Please direct all questions to: FCC’s Consumer & Government Affairs Bureau

  • 1-888-CALL-FCC
  • 1-888-TELL-FCC (TTY)
  • 1-866-418-0232 (fax)
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau

    Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division

    445 12th Street, SW

    Washington, DC 20554

    What does "Unlimited Music" mean?

    You have unlimited access to a catalog of millions of songs as long as you have the $5 Rhapsody Unlimited Music service.

    How do I get Rhapsody Unlimited Music?

    Simply sign up for the $5 Rhapsody Unlimited Music service and make sure you have a MetroPCS Android phone. You will have access to the music as long as you pay for the service.

    I have a subscription to Rhapsody, but it's not with MetroPCS. Can I switch my subscription and get it through MetroPCS?

    Yes. You'll just need to contact Rhapsody and cancel your subscription with them. To sign up for Rhapsody Unlimited Music from MetroPCS, you'll need to get a MetroPCS Android phone if you don't already have one, and you'll need to sign up for the $5 Rhapsody Unlimited Music service.

    Can I listen to Rhapsody Unlimited Music any time I want?

    Yes, as long as you have a network connection that can support streaming music, you can listen to music. The best streaming experience will be over 4GLTE or Wi-Fi. Or, you can download music directly to your phone and listed at any time... even if you don't have a network connection.

    How do I set up Rhapsody Unlimited Music on my phone?

    Make sure you added the $5 Rhapsody Unlimited Music service to your monthly rate plan. From your Android phone get the free Rhapsody App from the @metro App Store if it’s not pre-loaded. Then just launch the app. It will detect your MetroPCS account. Enter your e-mail address, create a password (sign in). Start listening.

    How do I save a song or album to My Library?

    Press the "plus" sign next to the album or track. Now press "Add to Library." You can access the music in your library by opening the main Rhapsody menu and selecting "My Music & Downloads."

    How do I save a song or album to a Playlist?

    Just press and hold the song or album title you want to save. Then select "Add this track..." or "Add this album...". Now select "Add to playlist." Select the playlist you want to add it to or select "New playlist..."

    What's the difference between Rhapsody Unlimited Music and MetroSTUDIO?

    Rhapsody Unlimited Music provides access to millions of songs on your MetroPCS Android phone.

  • Unlimited access to the music catalog with your subscription
  • No paying per song
  • If you unsubscribe or are no longer an active subscriber, you no longer have access to the music catalog

  • MetroSTUDIO offers Ringtones, Ringback Tones and Full-track Downloads for purchase.

  • Buy DRM-free music and ringtones
  • Get 90-day use of ringback tones
  • Certain types of content are only available with certain phones and plans
  • "

    Are there ads playing between my music?

    No, your Rhapsody Unlimited Music does not play ads.

    How do I download a song?

    To download a song, just press the “plus” sign next to it and select “Download to Device”. To Download an entire album, press the download icon next to the album. To find music you’ve downloaded, open the main menu and select “My Music and Downloads”. From here, you can check status of music that is still downloading by selecting “Pending Downloads”.

    Can I access my favorite music without having to search for it every time I open the app?

    If you add music to My Library or save it as a Playlist, it will be saved to your account and you can listen to it as much as you want without having to search for it again. You can even access your Library and Playlists from your computer.

    On which phones does Pocket Express work?

    Pocket Express is available on all cell phones, however, the information provided varies by operating system. BlackBerry 8330 Curve BlackBerry 8350 Curve Huawei Ascend Huawei Ascend - Tapout Edition Huawei M580 Huawei M735 Huawei M750 Huawei M835 Kyocera E3100 Kyocera Neo Kyocera M1400 Kyocera S1300 Kyocera S1310 Kyocera S1350 Kyocera S2300 Kyocera S4000 LG MN180 Select LG MN240 LG MN270 Beacon LG MN510 LG MT310 LG MT375 LG Optimus M Motorola QA30 Motorola V3A Razr Motorola V3S Razr Motorola VE240 Motorola VE440 Motorola W385 Motorola W840 Motorola WX404 Motorola Z6M Nokia 1606 Samsung Code Samsung Craft Samsung Freeform III Samsung Galaxy Indulge Samsung Messager III Samsung R210 Samsung R300 Samsung R310 Samsung R400 Samsung R410 Samsung R420 Samsung R430 Samsung R450 Samsung R560 Samsung R810 Samsung SCH-R250 Samsung SCH-R350 Samsung SCH-R360 Samsung SCH-R860 Samsung U520 ZTE C70 ZTE C76 ZTE C90 ZTE E520

    Will Pocket Express work while traveling?

    Pocket Express will work in any MetroPCS market, but will not work while using extended coverage with TravelTalk®.

    Why does the Pocket Express application ask for my age, gender and ZIP code the first time I use it?

    We ask for this information to ensure Pocket Express is tailored to you. For example, Pocket Express will be personalized with weather in your area. You may skip entering this info if you wish.

    Why am I required to press "OK" regarding using funds from my MetroConnect® account if Pocket Express is free?

    Pocket Express does not require the use of MetroConnect funds, however, this generic message is to let all users know that some features and services within the @metro catalog may require MetroConnect funds.

    How does Metro411 premium directory assistance work?

    You enter a location (city and state) by text or by speaking into the cell phone. You may have to select a category: Business Name, Business Type or Person, depending on the year of your phone. After which you will see a results page for your search.

    Will Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance work while traveling?

    Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance will work as normal in any MetroPCS market, and in areas within which we have data roaming agreements.

    Why am I required to press "OK" regarding using funds from my MetroConnect® account if Metro411 premium directory assistance is free?

    Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance does not require the use of MetroConnect funds, however, this generic message is to let all users know that some features and services within the @metro catalog may require MetroConnect funds.

    How do I access Metro411 premium directory assistance from my phone?

    Select @metro from the phone homepage and select the Metro411 icon. If the Metro411 icon doesn't appear, you will need to download the feature to your cell phone. See the download instructions for further information.

    What if I'm unable to find information I'm looking for from Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance?

    If you can't find what you're looking for by searching Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance, you can connect to a live operator from the results page. Just go to Options and select "Connect to Operator."

    Where can I find troubleshooting help?

    First, verify that you are on a mobile phone with an unlimited plan that supports Metro411 premium directory assistance and that it has downloaded correctly. For further questions or troubleshooting, contact customer service by dialing *99 from your MetroPCS phone or 1-888-8Metro8 from any phone.

    How do I sign up for an IM account?

    If you don't already have an instant messenger account, you can sign up for an AIM account, a Window Live Messenger account or a Yahoo! Messenger account.

    Can I use my current IM account?

    Yes. If you already have an AIM, Windows Live Messenger Account or Yahoo! Messenger account, you will be able to use the same username and password for mobile instant messaging.

    What email providers can I use with mail@metro?

    The mail@metro service works with a broad range of email providers and IMAP/POP3 connections including: Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL,/AIM, Bell South, Charter, Comcast, Earthlink, .Mac, Mindspring, NetZero, Optimum Online and Verizon, as well as Microsoft Exchange Corporate email that has Outlook Web Access.

    Can I manually set up mail@metro for other email providers?

    Yes. Through the "Other provider" option, you can provide settings for any email provider that allows for mobile email access.

    Are there email providers I can't use with mail@metro?

    Yes. There are some email providers who do not allow POP3 access to their email accounts. Some corporate email addresses are similarly blocked by companies.

    How are attachments handled in mail@metro?

    It depends on the cell phone. Users of most mobile phones will not be able to view attachments using mail@metro and should view attachments on their computer. Some cell phones may be able to open attachments by using the SD card.

    If I cancel my current email service, how do I change providers on mail@metro?

    Use the "Set up email accounts" to add the new email address. Simply add the new email account using the steps outlined in the User Guide.

    How do I sign up for Wireless AMBER Alerts?

    You can sign up to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts by registering here. When you register, you will need to provide your wireless phone numbers, including area code, and designate up to five ZIP codes for areas for which you want to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts.

    Will I be charged for Wireless AMBER Alerts?

    No. However, your cell phone must be capable of receiving text messages and your service plan must include basic messaging capability.

    How do I turn off Amber Alerts on the Samsung Galaxy S III?

    Go to: Messaging > Settings > Emergency alerts > uncheck the 'AMBER alerts' box.

    Why does Screen-it sometimes display a city when I receive a call?

    Screen-it makes an effort to always provide useful information when the exact caller name is not available. When this is the case, Screen-it will provide the location of the caller instead.

    Does Screen-it work with all international calls?

    No. Screen-it only works with valid numbers in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

    If I am traveling, can I use MetroWEB?

    You can use MetroWEB if you travel to another MetroPCS region, but you will not be able to access MetroWEB if you are outside of MetroPCS home and extended home areas. View our MetroPCS coverage map to see our full coverage area.

    How do I make a long distance call?

    For calls within the 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, just enter 1+ the area code and phone number. For calls outside of the areas described above, enter 011, the country code, the city code and then the phone number.

    Will emails from both accounts be shown in the same Inbox?

    The emails from both accounts will not appear in the same Inbox. Emails for each provider are shown in separate Inboxes.

    Can I TextTalk® to someone outside of the U.S. or Puerto Rico?

    Yes. MetroPCS provides customers with the ability to send text messages internationally using TextTalk Global.

    Can I TextTalk® to any major wireless carrier?

    Yes. MetroPCS allows you to send a message to most U.S. and Puerto Rican mobile phone carriers.

    Frequently asked questions, troubleshooting help and icon information for DyleTM mobile TV, the app preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S® Lightray™ 4G!

    What happens if I change my username or password on my email account?

    If you change your email username or password, you will need to re-register this information in mail@metro. Go to the main menu and select "Set up email account" and complete the steps in this process. Select "OK" when you receive the message, "Remove all personal data for current account?"

    Can I sort emails in my account?

    Yes. You can sort emails by date, sender or subject.

    How is MetroPCS's 4G network different from our current network?

    The MetroPCS 4G network is designed so that customers can enjoy a richer multimedia experience. That means users can watch video on demand, download full-track music, and upload photos and videos to social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

    Where can I find troubleshooting help?

    First, verify that you are on a mobile phone with an unlimited plan that supports Pocket Express and that it has downloaded correctly. For further questions or troubleshooting, email

    Are there any additional costs or taxes for long distance calls?

    If you have one of our unlimited talk, text and web cell phone plans, there is no additional cost for long distance calls. If you have one of our Legacy mobile phone plans, you are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes, fees and assessments, plus an additional monthly wireless number portability fee.

    If I send a message to a friend on another carrier, will they be charged for receiving my message?

    Probably. It depends on the services they have selected with their wireless provider.

    Which name will show if I have the caller as a contact in my phone book?

    The name you have stored in your phone's contact list is what will display when a contact is calling.

    How do I add a new contact on mobile instant messaging?

    Press the Menu key and select "Add Contact."

    Can I tether or otherwise connect my MetroPCS phone to my laptop or computer to create a data connection via my phone?

    Yes. You can use MetroPCS 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot to tether your MetroPCS phone to other devices if you use one of these phones to do so: ZTE Anthem, LG Motion 4G, Coolpad Quattro, or Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G.

    How can I get the incoming and outgoing server information to set up other providers?

    You must contact your email provider to get this information. Please be aware that some providers only allow incoming email, or have special port numbers for outgoing email.

    Can I turn Screen-it off?

    To turn Screen-it off, simply dial *85 from your phone. To turn Screen-it back on, dial *65 from your phone.

    Can I use other features on my phone without logging off mobile instant messaging?

    If you select the "Stay alerted" box on the sign-on screen, you can navigate away from mobile instant messaging and stay logged on.

    Can I download content to my cell phone?

    Yes, you can download content to your mobile phone by going to MetroWEB and clicking the "MetroSTUDIO" link.

    Will I be notified when I receive an email on my phone?

    In some cases. You can set up mail@metro to notify you whenever you receive a corporate email or email from Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL/AIM.

    Is there a new version of mobile instant messaging?

    Yes. Current MetroPCS cell phones will already have the newest version of mobile instant messaging. Owners of Huawei M750, Kyocera Laylo, Motorola Hint, Motorola VE440, Samsung Messager, Samsung Messager II, Samsung Finesse, Samsung Freeform or LG Lyric cell phones can go to the @metro catalog on their phone and download the new version of mobile instant messaging.

    Will I receive email notifications in real time?

    It depends on the email provider. Some email providers allow for real-time notifications, however other don't. Most email providers will automatically check for mail every 30 minutes. You may manually refresh your inbox with the "Check email" button in mail@metro.

    Is there a limit on the number of emails that I can have in my Inbox?

    It depends on the cell phone. You may be limited to a certain number of emails or limited to a certain number of days you can keep your emails.

    What is 4G/LTE?

    4G or "fourth generation" is the next generation of wireless technology, which allows consumers to enjoy lightning-fast Internet browsing and multimedia applications. 4G service from MetroPCS is enabled by a global-standards-based network technology called LTE or "Long-Term Evolution." 4G service from MetroPCS puts the power of the mobile Web in your hands, giving you instant access to the news, information and services you need to do more in your day from paying bills and booking appointments to shopping online or just watching your favorite shows. 4G has the potential to completely reshape the wireless mobile landscape!

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