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Frequently Asked Questions: Coverage

Can I tether or otherwise connect my MetroPCS phone to my laptop or computer to create a data connection via my phone?

Yes. You can use MetroPCS 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot to tether your MetroPCS phone to other devices if you use one of these phones to do so: ZTE Anthem, LG Motion 4G, Coolpad Quattro, or Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G.

What additional coverage will I receive with Metro USA?

For a look at Metro USA coverage visit and select Coverage and your phone. Here you will see our new Metro USA coverage.

How does the 4G LTE network differ?

The MetroPCS 4G network is designed so that customers can enjoy a richer multimedia experience. That means users can watch Video On Demand, download music, and upload photos and videos to social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Will I be able to call 411?

Yes, Unlimited Directory Assistance, Premium 411 (in some areas), and MetroConnect 411 will all be available for use. The experience may differ based on your location.

Is there an additional cost for Metro USA?

Metro USA is provided at no additional charge to our monthly unlimited customers.

What if I get there and my phone does not work?

You must call *228 (option 4) from a MetroPCS coverage area prior to travel to update your phone’s roaming capabilities to help ensure service will work once you get to a new MetroUSA area.

What features (Loopt, MetroNavigator, etc.) will I be able to use in this new coverage?

You will be able to use all of your MetroPCS services (text, talk and data service, including Picture Messaging MetroWeb, Location based services (MetroGuard, Loopt, etc.) in most areas.

What indicator will be displayed when I am in a Metro USA service area?

You will see the same indicator as if you are in your Home or Extended Home area.

What is 4G LTE?

4G or "fourth generation" is the next generation of wireless technology, which allows consumers to enjoy lightning-fast Internet browsing and multimedia applications. 4G service from MetroPCS is enabled by a global-standards-based network technology called LTE or "Long-Term Evolution." 4G service from MetroPCS puts the power of the mobile Web in your hands, giving you instant access to the news, information and services you need to do more in your day from paying bills and booking appointments to shopping online or just watching your favorite shows. 4G has the potential to completely reshape the wireless mobile landscape!

What happens if I try to make a call outside the coverage area?

MetroPCS offers an extended home network. Please see our coverage map at for additional details.

Is there anything special I must do to receive Metro USA?

Beginning November 4, 2010, most MetroPCS unlimited customers will automatically have access to Metro USA, however please call *228 (option 4) periodically for the latest coverage updates

Can I call 611 if I have a question?

No, customers will not be able to use 611 in some of the Metro USA areas. Should you need customer service please dial 888-8metro8.

Can I dial *99, *111, #222, #225 or #289 while in the new coverage area?

No, currently these codes cannot be used in all areas.

It appears I can now go to Hawaii and Puerto Rico and use my phone is that correct?

Yes! You can now take your MetroPCS phone with you to Hawaii and Puerto Rico and enjoy unlimited service.

Does the new coverage require a certain kind of phone?

No, Metro USA does not require a certain kind of phone. You must have a dual-band phone to use all of MetroPCS’ coverage areas.

Will I have 4G LTE service wherever I go in MetroPCS coverage?

No, not everywhere. Here's why: First, as MetroPCS builds out its 4G network within the 14 markets, the initial build will be in core city areas within MetroPCS Home coverage for that market. So, for example, the city of Dallas will be covered in the initial 4G-network build, but cities like Waco, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana will not. Second, customers will not have 4G service in MetroPCS Extended Homes Areas. Web, email, and multimedia will still be available in some areas, but not the full 4G experience. Third, customers will not have 4G service when in TravelTalk areas – but they will still be able to make and receive phone calls – at 19-cents a minute – and send and receive text messages at no charge.

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