Our most affordable plan. Only $40/mo.
  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • First 500 MB of data at up to 4G LTE speeds*
  • Perfect if you use your phone to call and text more than to get online

*4G LTE phone required. First 500 MB at up to 4G LTE data speeds. Speeds slowed after 500 MB.

Friends &
Family Discount
Save $5 per line, up to 5 lines.
Save up to $300 per year

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You get all these features included in this plan at no extra charge.
500 MB 4G LTE Data Speed
First 500 MB of music, video and other media at up to 4G LTE speeds.
Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance
Call any of the 48 contiguous states and Puerto Rico as much as you like. All of our unlimited plans include unlimited long distance.
Unlimited TextTalk®
TextTalk® is our unlimited texting feature. With TextTalk, you can send mobile-to-mobile text messages to virtually anyone you want, anytime you want.
Visual Voicemail
View voicemail with a single touch and listen to messages in any order.
Voicemail Package
With our Voicemail Package you can receive up to 20 60-second voice mail messages. Caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling are also included in the package.
Unlimited Local Calling
Make all of the local calls you want, anytime of the day or night.
Unlimited Metro411 Premium Directory Assistance
Find businesses and residential listings by voice or text search. Just speak or type your request and we’ll do the rest. Get phone numbers, maps, driving directions, a list of nearby businesses and much more sent directly to your cell phone.
These services are available as Add-Ons or Bundles. Prices are per month. Taxes and fees apply.
Value Bundle
Introducing the Value Bundle. All of these great services: Call Forwarding, International Text Messaging, Screen-it, Travel Talk, Unlimited Directory Assistance, and Voicemail to Text.
Call Detail
For $1 per month you can review all of your local outbound calls with Call Detail. Up to 3 months of call history. Sign up and access this service through My Account.

For just $1 per month MetroBACKUP allows you to easily, and automatically, back up your mobile phone contacts. In addition to backing up your contacts, you can seamlessly transfer saved contacts from one device to another.

Looking for additional protection? Consider adding MetroGUARD for just $5 per month. Together, MetroGUARD and MetroBACKUP combine to give you premier support with Metro Total Protection®.

Metro Block-it

For just $1 per month you can say goodbye to unwanted calls or texts with Metro Block-it. It blocks calls and texts from unwanted, restricted, anonymous, private, or unknown parties.

You can create an individual block list and manage and store all privacy preferences on your phone. Plus you can report DoNotCall and debt collector violations easily and accurately to the Federal Trade Commission. All of this for just $1 per month. Add Metro Block-it today through My Account.

Pocket Express
The Pocket Express mobile app puts all of your most-wanted info in one place. Get your news, sports, weather, stocks, horoscopes, travel, maps and more — in one mobile app, without the browse and wait of mobile Internet.
Become an airG VIP! See who’s viewed your airG profile, get bonus virtual currency, gifts, photo effects, profile themes and more, all with no ads! Available for $3 per month through the airG app and www.airg.com.
Mobile Hotspot

Share your data connection with multiple devices with Mobile Hotspot for just $5 per month! When there’s no Wi-Fi connection nearby, use Mobile Hotspot to browse the Internet on your computer and more!

To tether another device to your phone, just open applications, select “Mobile Hotspot,” and follow the prompts to turn on Mobile Hotspot. Then you’ll see instructions on how to connect your device:

Turn Wi-Fi on for the device you want to connect.

Open the Wi-Fi list on your device and find your phone hotspot in the list.

Connect your device by entering the password provided.

You’re connected!

Please note that all tethering activity will go against your shared data bucket. You can top up your data bucket for just $5 per 500MB with Data Top-Up. Top-up today by calling 1-888-8metro8 or by visiting your local MetroPCS store or Authorized Dealer.

Tip: Mobile Hotspot consumes more battery. Connect your phone to a charger to extend battery life.


For just $5 per month MetroGUARD gives you comprehensive mobile phone protection. By electing MetroGUARD, your device will be covered against loss, theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage), and out-of-warranty malfunctions. It’s important to never be without your phone, so coverage includes fast and convenient replacement.

MetroGUARD also includes access to the Metro Total Protection application. With the Metro Total Protection application you will have the ability to:

  • Locate your Phone
  • Sound a Phone Alarm
  • Lock your phone and,
  • Erase your contacts remotely.

Once enrolled in MetroGUARD, simply visit metrototalprotection.com for instructions on how to download the application and get started.

MetroGUARD can only be added on the day of activation, so don’t hesitate, add the feature today and know that you are protected. Additionally, MetroGUARD cannot be added for BYOD phone activations, and is only available on new phones.

For only $1 more you can add MetroBACKUP. Together, MetroGUARD and MetroBACKUP combine to give you premier support with Metro Total Protection®.

For more information visit metrototalprotection.com

Music Downloads Subscription
For just $5 per month keep your cell phone packed with the hottest music. Get 5 music tracks from MetroMUSIC with the Music Downloads Subscription.
Ringback Tones Subscription
For just $5/month you can entertain your friends, family and anyone who calls with Ringback Tones — high-quality tones that replace the ringing a caller hears.
Ringtones Subscription
For $5 per month personalize your cell phone and let everyone know your favorite jam. Get 5 Ringtones from MetroMUSIC per month with the Ringtones Subscription.
Rhapsody Unlimited Music
Rhapsody Unlimited Music is the ultimate plan for music fans. Tap into millions of songs from your Android™ phone while still getting unlimited talk, text and data. Download playlists and listen without a connection!
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